development in a sentence

She is ignorant of the latest development in computer industry.

Children before this stage of development may use words in a imitative way.

Risk factors for development of pressure ulcers include immobility, incontinence, and nutritional deficits.

That key is your own immolation, and in the development and the purification and in the incorruptibility of that immolation alone is the Kingdom of Eternity.

The development of an effective network arrangement to create and evaluate materials and technology needed for hearing impaired learners.

Trade-union development did, however, impart a literary dimension for all its continued employment of ritual and symbolism.

Clearly, this is a programme which could command considerable support,[] but its development has been impeded by several problems.

It is a important and imperious task to impel reformation and development of state enterprise.

Above all, Partnership has added an exciting and stimulating impetus to the development of our school.

development trend of Si varactor is summarized:ion implantation, to match capacitance during testing, integration, low voltage, super-miniaturization, SMD and wide application.

Further expansion through the development of tourism, financial and other services is dependent on the implementation of new projects.

Certainly he refused to implicate himself in the developmentof a theory in which he had played so great a part.

These results strongly implicate acetaldehyde as one of the important pathogenetic factors in the developmentof alcoholic liver disease.

Viruses are known to be implicated in the developmentof some cancers.

He argued that the road to developmentshould be built with import substitution and quasi-socialism.

ern painting genres from end of nineteen century to twenty century, which include impressionist school of fine art, fauvism, cubism and so on.

Virtually every major developmentin 20 th – century art is traceable back to the impressionist.

Lucia Walker is one of the key figures in the developmentof contact improvisation in this country.

The goal would be in conjunction with a goal to freeze average product-developmentcosts at Ford at 1995 levels.

The developmentof tests for the feasibility project Test developmentand administration Test developmentwas undertaken in conjunction with teachers in the liaison groups.