detour in a sentence

We had to make a detour across a bridge down the river from here.

The most important thing you can do right now is know the detour routes.

Drivers will need to pay close attention to the detour and highway signs.

494355 Motorists should watch message boards and detour signs for changes.

Shaw hopes a detour for cyclists can be found before the lanes are set up.

A long detour via a graveyard leads out of the settlement and into the city.

A detour will be set up, using Mohawk Street, Truxtun Avenue and Oak Street.

Westbound detour (Google Maps) While eastbound traffic will have three options.

Several detour paths will be put in place to direct drivers to alternate routes.

He’s going to detour to the small town of Sunol in the East Bay, population 1,332.

That traffic has been taking a detour of several hours over smaller desert highways.

A temporary detour was put in around 410 and the Naches River was diverted from the area.

Think of a roadblock, like when the road is under construction and you have to take a detour.

A detour is available through Revelstoke from Victoria Street junction to the eastern access.

Last week an Air France plane had to make a similar detour to Halifax because of a bomb threat.

He also jokes that he may explore another musical detour by making a Christmas album this year.

But Seinfeld took a detour from tradition in the season 7 premiere, which debuted on Wednesday night.