determine in a sentence

The scientific method has very strict rules for determining scientific validity.

Physical custody determines where the children reside.

No business owner would let workers collectively determine company policy.

How is “demonstrated financial need” determined ?

The best access point was still being determined .

They often face much more determined opposition.

May performance standards determine environmental enrichment issues?

Chemical concentration gradients help determine relative position.

In online poker rake breaks are determined automatically.

An exact date has never been determined .

Determining financial feasibility is best represented through net present value.

No definitive explanation has yet been determined .

Certain uniquely determined grammatical elements present special problems.

The power supply frequency determines motor operating speed.

The exact limitation has never been determined .

Its proper sequencing has never been determined .

The product key determines which version is installed.

Dogs since dogs are a relaxing determine .

They are who determine presidential election outcomes.

You should also determine kitchen improvement costs.

How is the free kilometre allowance determined ?