Destitution in a sentence

Use Destitution in a sentence


Meaning: [noun]hardship; poverty; misery ;

Her home was looted and the family were left in destitution.

Some are born into flourishing economies encouraging of entrepreneurship; others are born into war and destitution.

He falls in love with Nicole, the woman who saves him from destitution and restores his eyesight.

This had led to problems with destitution and homelessness.

The famous writer lived a childhood in destitution as his father died early.

The committee found severe destitution among the laboring classes.

They were doomed to a life of destitution and poverty.

The venture failed and he died leaving a wife and child in destitution.

Facing destitution, the family moved temporarily to a boarding house in Vienna.

A spark of fire may destroy a city and bring destitution and misery upon thousands.