Despondent in a sentence

Use Despondent in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] having no hope; miserable, very unhappy;

Sally was becoming increasingly despondent about the way things were going in her life.

Susan becomes despondent at realizing their relationship is over.

I have been out of work for six months and am getting very despondent about my future career.

The two lovers are reunited, leaving Gilmore bitter and despondent.

Joan can’t understand why she feels down and despondent.

I walked with a heavy heart feeling very despondent.

Dillinger reportedly became despondent after Billie was arrested.

He noted a number of horses were already dead while others looked despondent.

Despondent over the loss of both sisters, he tries to escape from the bloody country.

Despondent prisoners committed suicide by entering the zone.