desolate in a sentence

The poor brute was very hungry and desolate .

The desolate island is our physical world.

What had once been a busy intersection had become totally desolate .

My house was left to me desolate .

The whole earth appears like a desolate wilderness.

The bruised characters often retreat to the desolate countryside.

A road turns around the island through a desolate lava plain.

The local population left and the place became desolate .

We sold our house and everything is desolate already.

He described a ” desolate ” and “alien” environment.

The land and its inhabitants lie desolate .

Where the weeds and desolate dust are spread.

The surrounding desolate landscape evidences a stark, austere beauty.

You’re driving through a hot desolate expanse.

It was a desolate , lonely place.

The site of ancient Babylon is still over 90% desolate .

The Zen gardens of recent times are desolate and barren.

The villages on the other hand were quite desolate .