Desecrate in a sentence

Use Desecrate in a sentence


Meaning: [verb] to damage or pollute a holy place or something respected;

About 44 temples and 9 mosques were desecrated during the war.

Other famous temples were looted and desecrated.

He allegedly desecrated the bodies to hinder identification.

A criminal case was initiated on charges of desecrating a cemetery.

Most of the Egyptian tombs were desecrated and robbed.

About 25 Muslim graves are desecrated in Denmark.

To see her memory desecrated like this made them furious.

During this period hundreds of temples and monasteries were desecrated.

How can anyone come here and desecrate such a beautiful environment?

Cemeteries are frequently desecrated by modern building works, particularly road building.

Vandals also desecrated several Jewish cemeteries and memorials during the reporting period.