Derogatory in a sentence

use Derogatory in a sentence


[adjective] expressive of low opinion; wanting to lessen the reputation of a person or thing;

He has a very coarse sense of humor, which many people find derogatory.

I once wrote an article questioning the derogatory use of the term ” cafeteria Catholics”.

I find his every word truly derogatory.

His derogatory remarks offended everyone who talked to him.

I don’t really like talking to him. He’s always so derogatory.

He always gets a little derogatory when he is drunk.

Broadcasters repeatedly label the protesters banderavski, a derogatory term for western Ukrainians.

Public complaints or derogatory comments toward the game also will result in fines.

If an attack is accompanied by derogatory comments about race, religion, or sexual orientation, should the punishment be more severe.