depository in a sentence

Theodore Heinrich, in light-coloured civilian dress, is shown receiving art at a depository for recovered lost or stolen art run by the U.S. Army.

Furthermore, the Potsdam University Library is a United Nations depository Library.

Black Mask and Shadow Thief later siphon some of the Nth element in a plot to rob the gem depository.

He also appears in “What Goes Up..” where he and Shadow Thief use the Nth metal to rob the Gem depository.

For example, assume a particular U.S. depository institution, in the normal course of business, issues a loan.

The Superintendent may also ask depository libraries to destroy a certain publication to or return it to the GPO.

In this case, a non-member bank acts as the depository while the BancNet treasury bank acts as the collecting bank.

The FDLP provides Government information at no cost to designated depository libraries in the U.S. and its territories.

depository receipts A depository receipt is a security that is offered as a “tracking stock” on another foreign market.

862385 In 2007, the Food depository began delivering boxes of nonperishable food to 39 CHA and HUD senior residences in Chicago.

The network will engage to work as a depository for research paper, literature and information related to the above mentioned issues.

Southern Leyte: Attractions Historically, the governing city was the depository of cedula tax collections from Palompon to Hinunangan.