dependency in a sentence

Long-term use of some medications can lead to dependency.

In December of 1984, movie star Elizabeth Taylor entered a drug rehabilitation center to cure her 25-year dependency on drugs.

In a 1967 referendum, the people of Gibraltar ignored Spanish pressure, and voted overwhelmingly to remain a British dependency.

Long-term use of some medications can lead to dependency, and severe reactions may occur if the medications are withdrawn suddenly.

Continued fossil fuel dependency cannot be our inheritance to future generations.

I don’t care if you are bound by family, children, mortgage, illness, or codependency.

By 2020, dependency on oil for electricity generation will become a thing of the past.

Are our social welfare programs, while well-intended, creating a culture of dependency?

Moreover, we must relinquish the dependency mentality in relation to these two regimes.

dependency covers money the family would have received from the victim had they survived.

Most neighboring countries have modernized their economies and eliminated their dependency on oil.

The Tanzanian government has vowed to wean itself off donor dependency in its upcoming 2015/16 budget.

Association, aggregation , dependency all are developed relationship between objects.