dementia in a sentence

The primary cause of vascular dementia is high blood pressure.

I actually thought he was developing dementia .

No area has a specific” dementia service”.

Ralph was diagnosed with dementia six years ago .

Another major challenge in dementia care is stigma .

A progressive wasting illness may develop along with dementia .

The relationship between dementia and mortality remains unclear.

The concept of mild dementia is especially problematic.

How common is dementia among the older age groups?

The dementia tsunami is coming, fast .

Cognitive engagement, intellectual activities may stave off dementia .

Is prevention of dementia a pipe dream?

Online communities offer great value for persons with dementia nonetheless.

Those with dementia are often frightened until new places become familiar.

The main disease of the brain is called dementia .

Cognitive decline and dementia are common among the elderly.

Like dementia is just around the corner.

He too lapsed into a depressive dementia .

Eventually progresses to include dementia and slowed eye movements.

Sherry currently specializes in senior and dementia care.

A series to raise awareness of dementia .

My mom is in early stages of dementia .

People with dementia receiving better care in nursing homes.

His mother acquired dementia and became weak and confused.

A typical case presents a patient with dementia .