Delicacy in a sentence

use Delicacy in a sentence


[noun] something considered choice to eat fine and subtle and pleasing;

To the Congolese people, ants are considered a delicacy, either raw or roasted.

I know snails are considered a delicacy, but personally, I don’t like them.

The local delicacy, Mayport shrimp – harvested off the coast of Jacksonville – is served here.

[noun] Full consideration for the well being or feelings of other people;

The little girl held her new baby brother with delicacy in her arms.

With delicacy, Elizabeth removed the doll from her sister’s embrace and held it close.

the issue is being handled with delicacy because the Bush Administration is counting on the Saudis to play a visible role.

I lifted my skirt in ladylike delicacy, climbed the front steps, and rang the bell.