Delectable in a sentence

use Delectable in a sentence


[adjective] Extremely pleasing to the sense of taste, delicious;

The supper wasn’t very appealing looking, but it tasted delectable.

We put the ice cream and frozen strawberries in the blender to make a delectable smoothie.

Our desserts, apart from their delectable taste and all-natural ingredients, have the added bonus of containing 30% less fat than regular desserts.

The caterers at my sister’s wedding were just wonderful, the food was delectable, and reasonably priced, and the service was excellent.

The first course consisted of a delectable pasta dish with a seafood sauce.

These vegetables are delectable coated in olive oil, and grilled until crisp.

We bought some delectable, crisp green apples.

We had a delectable little appetizer of crisply fried veggies.

She made a delectable drink using a banana, orange juice, milk, and frozen blueberries.