Degrade | in a sentene

Drug addiction degraded many people.

He degraded himself by telling me lies.

Styrofoam doesn’t biodegrade, and tends to accumulate in our environment.

Disposable diapers don’t biodegrade, so there are millions of them in our dumps.

The trade of critic, in literature, music, and the drama, is the most degraded of all.

Newspaper will generally biodegrade quite quickly if shredded and thrown in the compost.

Karl Marx believed that the bourgeoisie degraded personal dignity to the level of exchange value.

As material biodegrades in our environment, it feeds numerous small organisms that live in the soil and air.

This journey degraded and humiliated them, but it did not break them.

In all cases, conflict inflames the ego, distorts it and degrades it.

They have not been degraded, they have regenerated themselves, he said.

“We consider it more of a hygienic issue that degrades the quality of the food.”

“Today it is used as an insult or to degrade people with a disability,” said Morris.

Thailand was soon degraded to a Tier 3 status by the US report on Human Trafficking.

They were jumbled together and then poorly stored and have degraded somewhat as a result, he said.