Defunct in a sentence

Use Defunct in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective]no longer in existence; not useful anymore;

Portsmouth is yet another defunct municipal airport.

This program is currently defunct due to budget cuts.

Valley Times is a defunct newspaper that was discontinued around 1985.

A small fort was built east of the defunct amphitheater.

It broadcast defunct and previously aired shows on GMA Network.

He co-founded a nowdefunct party and was prime minister from 1995-96.

These views became defunct with the arrival of the Enlightenment period.

Aker Maritime is a defunct Norwegian petroleum industry supply company.

The magazine became defunct in May 2002, and was relaunched as Flowers in April 2004.

The Phoenix Open is a defunct Grand Prix affiliated tennis tournament played in 1970.

He was a farmer and a member of the now-defunct First Congregational Church of Rosamond.