deformity in a sentence

A neck lift addresses neck skin redundancy or deformity .

This deformity is reversible with early treatment.

The hammer toe deformity may be seen.

Two had severe inflammatory arthritis without deformity when seen.

Brief notes appear on disability and deformity .

My oldest son was born with a minor physical deformity .

Bull neck is not considered a deformity .

There is often limited digital motion secondary to the wrist deformity .

Early treatment may slow progression of this deformity .

The mirror gives back a woman without deformity .

The toes turn outward and a fairly obvious deformity develops.

The nails may develop small pits, or more serious deformity .

Some stains may occasionally cause deformity and increasing disfigurement.

The discovery of features is the deformity colitis of maximal death.

There are many causes of deformity of the small toes.

This deformity may be isolated to one ear.

No one really knows what causes the deformity .