deep water in a sentence

Very deep water must inhibit delta building.

A few perch were caught in deep water .

Some hearing these words are going through deep waters .

The deep water between the fast water was getting shorter.

Find a place where deep water meets shallow water.

Later deposits were formed in deeper water .

The city had a deep water port.

The beach slopes steeply into deep water .

The technology for deep water drilling is fine .

deep water oil well is complex.

I always assumed they inhabited deep water .

Allow fish to settle in warmer deeper water .

Indeed we dive in deep waters here.

And the big fish were heading for deep water .

I am now in very deep waters .

Finding deep water areas is especially important when fishing in rivers.

The latter name suggests the deep waters off the northern coast.

Companies also began to drill deep water wells.

The deeper waters range from six to ten feet deep.

It prefers deep waters beyond the continental shelf to shallow waters.

Water skiing typically begins with a deep water start.

Surface and deep water currents may move in different directions.

The say the reforms are entering ” deep waters .

By the deep water running so fast.