Decoy in a sentence

Use Decoy in a sentence


Meaning: [noun]lure; trap; trick ;

Decoys are still used by local native peoples today in hunting water fowl.

The decoy is a living ayu placed on a hook, which swims when immersed into water.

And in 1993 he allegedly fired a gun at a deer decoy set up by state game wardens to catch poachers.

She served as the Queen’s lookalike decoy; so that if someone was trying to kill Padmé, they’d kill Sabé instead.

An escape plan was hatched: three cars, two decoys and a low profile.

Decoy convoys and vehicles are used to prevent tailing .

Distinguishing nuclear warheads from decoys by sensing their elemental composition .

Some hunters have been successful using decoys to lure bucks within shooting range .

These decoys can be quite effective when hunting waterfowl and have been banned in some states.

The young will dive under water to avoid predators and the adults will fly away from them to act as a decoy.

He admits that they are using terrorism as a decoy while they attempt to steal $640 million in bearer bonds in the vault.