Decorum in a sentence

Use Decorum in a sentence


Meaning: [noun ]dignified, correct behavior;

She said it was against decorum and parliamentary norms.

Internet safety and decorum are as essential to promoting a student’s well-being as requiring physical education and health classes.

Everything was conducted with the utmost decorum.

The Japanese put their blue trash bags to work, drawing on a tradition of respect and decorum.

Commencement should be a formal ceremony conducted with respect and decorum.

The novel describes her as beautiful and intelligent, but also reserved and following the rules of decorum.

Senators on both sides of the floor broke the customary rule of decorum and rose in their places to applaud.

Judge Sheindlin demands decorum in her court.

Riders are expected to observe local customs of decorum at all times.

I saw neither quarreling nor drunkenness , nor anything offensive to public decorum.

Military decorum at Fort Roach was less formal than in most units.