Debility in a sentence

Use Debility in a sentence

Debility ;

Meaning: [noun] weakness, mostly due to an illness;

Drug addiction gives them physical and mental debilities and makes them unfit for any useful job.

Due to his general weakness and debility his request for discharge was easily accepted.

Perhaps it was not surprising that he complained of physical debility.

It contains unique properties to remove brain debility and to strengthen it.

On September 5th 1915 he was admitted to hospital suffering from debility .

They mainly suffered galls, debility , fever and colic or diarrhoea.

Her husband died twenty months later, after a long period of gradually increasing debility.

The doctor saw Willis for general debility and old age, chronic bowel trouble and bladder trouble.

The water is said to be very beneficial to those suffering from debility and dyspepsia.

The two main causes are lead and nitrates which can bring about debility , heart weakness and cancer.