dark blue in a sentence

His body covered with dark blue patches.

She wore light blue slippers over dark blue stockings.

She has short blonde hair and dark blue eyes.

Standard gray face masks became dark blue in 1981.

dark blue also proved effective under artificial illumination during night actions.

His symbol is a dark blue lightning bolt representing strength.

The current alternate kit is dark blue with light blue detailing.

They wear dark blue skirts and shorts.

The fraternity colors are light blue and dark blue .

The house colours are dark blue and black.

The clan colors are grey and dark blue .

Gradually the dark blue suit gained supremacy.

The treasury seal and serial numbers were dark blue .

Cold weather and utility uniforms are dark blue .

The building is painted dark blue with white trim.

Crush artifact is common; partially crushed cells stain darker blue .

Please wear muted dark colors like dark blues and reds.

Their earliest colours are recorded as light and dark blue .

He wears a white and dark blue robe.