daredevil in a sentence

As shown in daredevil, life tried to continue as normal in the city.

daredevil 174-175 He secretly promoted mayoral candidate Randolph Cherryh.

2 38 ( Killraven story) (September 1976) Bill Mantlo *daredevil 140 (Dec.

Meanwhile daredevil is arrested and is sent to the Negative Zone prison by Stark.

Seeing this as a sign of a potential enemy, Osborn orders Bullseye to kill daredevil.

daredevil has uncovered the deception and ends issue 109 demanding answers from Rand.

A “daredevil” act was done by a few service personnel, who came riding on motorcycles.

References to daredevil There are a few references to the daredevil movie in this film.

When daredevil doesn’t help the people, the building explodes and kills all of the people.

Paladin once took down daredevil with a sniper rifle from a helicopter at a great distance.

In 1968 daredevil replaced Hulk stories which by then were up to date with the American material.

daredevil later saves Bullseye’s life, pulling his unconscious body from the path of a moving train.

Wolverine leaves him a bloody mess on the floor after being convinced by daredevil to spare his life.

He’s about to print it, but then, out of respect for daredevil‘s engagement, decides to delete his story.

He reappears in the Ultimate Knights arc, as a member of a daredevil-led team trying to take down the Kingpin.

Naming his triumvirate the Fellowship of Fear, Drago ran afoul of, and was soundly defeated by daredevil and imprisoned.

Day 14 (Episodes 27 and 28) * daredevil Drop – In The Eliminator, there was a hot air balloon hanging on two sets of cables.

The first scene of the film is shown again, as daredevil enters the church, intending to recuperate and recover his strength.

He only appears in “The Shirtless Avenger” Kua A young female daredevil who first appeared in the episode Datin’ and Dumplings.