dangerously in a sentence

Police were called in to settle a domestic dispute that had become dangerously violent.

You have a dangerously high cholesterol level, and unless you do something to bring it under control, you risk suffering a major heart attack.

The President seems to believe that to question the fundamental morality of this war is not only insufficiently patriotic, but dangerously naive.

But they had become part of a dangerously adolescent jihadi culture.

At one point, they ended up dangerously close to the back of the ship.

Iranian leaders will now find a nuclear weapon dangerously within reach.

34541 Almost 10 per cent have shown dangerously high levels of the radioactive gas.

The measure aims to revive dangerously low inflation and fuel growth in the eurozone.

In a separate opinion, Roberts cast the court’s decision as dangerously groundbreaking.

The blimp came dangerously close to power lines as it made its way from Maryland to Pennsylvania.

Dear Donald, I’m your biggest fan but your call to ban all Muslims is dangerously wrong & bigoted.

But he warned that a church that does nothing but explain its doctrine is “dangerously unbalanced.”