current in a sentence

Rumors were current about him.

We were rowing against the current.

She is sensitive to current fashions.

I’m satisfied with my current income.

I am content with my current position.

Let’s try and swim against the current.

The current of traffic moved very slowly.

Electrical current is measured in cycles.

The current king is present at the party.

Newspapers influence the current of time.

The drift of the current is to the south.

Electrical current is measured in cycles.

Electrical current is measured in cycles.

An electric current can generate magnetism.

We couldn’t row against the strong current.

It has a big whirlpool and a strong current.

You must take an interest in current events.

A warm current runs off the coast of Shikoku.

What is the current exchange rate for American dollars?
An old belief is sometimes still widely current.

The fallen tree arrested the current of a brook.

Honesty doesn’t pay under the current tax system.

The force of the current carried the bridge away.

What is the current rate of interest for a savings account?
The current political situation is not very stable.