cumbersome in a sentence

It was cumbersome work and the investors paid a huge premium for our help.

Our business funding is a premiere options to cumbersome business bank loans.

It’s a welcome new addition to the state’s water market, which has long been cumbersome and opaque.

Every one of these cumbersome new laws makes it tougher and tougher for restaurants to find success.

In 2002 this rather cumbersome structure was simplified.

With this in mind, the calculation can become cumbersome.

The process was rather more complex and cumbersome in the old days.

In order to calculate with vectors, the graphical representation may be too cumbersome.

Subroutine libraries Even with this cumbersome approach, subroutines proved very useful.

I used to like flying them, although a lot of blokes thought that they were too cumbersome.”

London was six feet tall and big framed, with a style that some regarded as crude and cumbersome.

A hoplite could not escape the field of battle unless he tossed away the heavy and cumbersome shield.

Section 18’s mechanisms were cumbersome and time-consuming, and Defense leaders argued against its use.

These were still too cumbersome for actual combat, so they were later replced by unmodified hardwood staffs.

There are no skates like them in the world, and anyone but Lilica would probably find them too cumbersome to wear.

As a result Lycurgus decreed that no silver money was allowed in Sparta, creating a cumbersome iron currency instead.

Copper twopences were issued weighing 2 oz in the same year, but they were found too cumbersome and so were discontinued.