culturally in a sentence

The song is still culturally central to Russia.

Vaguely similar to ancient Egyptians culturally.

Pigna continues to grow culturally and economically.

Belize is culturally unique among Central American nations.

culturally, there was considerable growth in education and learning.

culturally Gwalior is the confluence of two rich cultures Bundeli and Braj.

Some mythic elements of the longma “dragon horse” are culturally widespread.

Many groups were thought to be biologically similar, but culturally distinct.

The city was one of the most religious and culturally traditional areas in Iraq.

Many agriculturally oriented industries located in Tampico during this time period.

culturally, the Northeast is somewhat different from the rest of the United States.

In addition to being a native son, Carter ran a culturally Southern, populist campaign. Living in England had a huge influence on Donovan both creatively and culturally.

The latter eventually conquered, and linguistically and culturally assimilated the Dacians.

Most differences between SCADA and DCS are culturally determined and can usually be ignored.

The two halves were nominally, culturally and historically, if not politically, the same state.

Multiculturally competent school counselors: Affirming diversity through challenging oppression.