crew in a sentence

The grounds crew will install turf on foul lines to widen the field.

A stray plastic pylon remains in southbound lanes while a road crew..

A J. crew spokesperson also reportedly declined to comment to Gawker.

Our prayers go out to their friends, family and the entire news crew.

However, the crew were able to work through their problems, she said.

The crew said the drone was black and about the size of a large bird.

The crew was able to switch off a flight computer and regain control.

Various Kirk crew members had taken amateur photos and film that day.

An ambulance crew arrived moments later, found no pulse and began CPR.

It wasn’t clear who among the injured were passengers or crew members.

The flight, with 199 passengers and seven crew members, landed safely.

The boat crew found the six people and rescued them within 20 minutes.

It reports finding the body of one crew member and an empty life boat.

In the crew‘s last contact, they said all flooding had been contained.

“The crew consists of seven Polish seafarers and one Filipino mariner.

The Yarmouth based crew abandoned ship and took shelter in a life raft.

So, once that snow has dissipated, our turf crew will get things ready.

The crew for the new incarnation of the USS Enterprise is not yet know.

crew doffed their masks and are getting about their evening business.”

They will interview the crew and passengers who were on board, he said.

The crew members on the aft deck are dwarfed by the size of the iceberg.

Investigators looked into the backgrounds of the different crew members.

As I said, the work crew has been coming in and out of this access road.

J. crew Group employs 15,600 associates and operates 512 stores globally.

Everybody except the police, who restricted the hot tub crew to the dock.

It’s hard to believe this crew will draw many viewers for future debates.