crew + abandon in a sentence

Use crew + abandon in a sentence

crew + abandon
1 The crew abandoned ship and was rescued by nearby vessels.

2 The crew abandoned the approach due to technical difficulties.

3 She catches fire and her crew abandons ship.

4 These were later abandoned by their crews .

5 The crew abandoned ship – the U-boat sank.

6 The crew abandoned ship in three lifeboats within 15 minutes.

7 The crew abandoned the vessel and were saved by rescue workers.

8 The crew abandoned ship, and she sank after several hours.

9 The crew abandoned the vessel and set her afire.

10 The crew abandons ship with the Enigma in their possession.

11 The gunboat was finally beached, officers and crew abandoning ship.

12 Her crew abandons ship, and she is declared a total loss.

13 Unable to fight back, “Cushing”s crew abandoned ship.

14 The tank crew abandoned their vehicle.

15 Abandoned by its crew in August 1944.