Creditable in a sentence

Use Creditable in a sentence

Creditable ;

Meaning: [adjective] praiseworthy, commendable;

The event drew much publicity, and MyTeam put up a creditable performance in losing 2-1 against the national side.

His book is a very creditable work.

Horace Herring received a very creditable 2,578 votes; 26.7% of the total cast.

Spain qualified for the World Championships in Amsterdam and managed a creditable 7th place.

Something that has been verified and well stated by creditable sources and individuals.

Reserve Grade managed a very creditable sixth on the ladder, only missing the finals by one game and percentage.

On Sunday, he led the marathon competition against the best in the Commonwealth before finishing a creditable 10th place.

It hinders progress and clogs up otherwise creditable systems for good drug production.

They must also be numerate, imaginative, and creditable when it comes to translating and presenting research.

Masters (1969), p. 54. Casanova stated in his memoirs: I took the most creditable, the noblest, and the only natural course.

In the end, the Japanese Army could take pride in conducting a creditable defence in the face of an impossible tactical situation.

1995 was a lean year for the club, then 1996 saw the reintroduction of an Age Grade side – the Under 18’s, which finished a creditable fifth.