countryside in a sentence

The natural beauty of the English countryside is enhanced by its tiny villages, mighty castles and grand estates.

His uncle owns a large estate in the English countryside .

The spectacular estates which dot the English countryside belonged to an elite minority with private fortunes or royal connections.

After moving to the big city, Carlos was exposed to crime and poverty that he had never experienced in the countryside .

The fertile countryside of this country is famous for its grapes, which are made into the finest wine.

Thousands of people continue to flow into the capital city from the countryside in search of jobs.

The government has attacked a number of guerrilla bases in the countryside in an effort to gain the upper hand.

Reports from the countryside suggest that villagers are feeding and aiding the guerrillas in their fight against government troops.

Nicholas Ridley once remarked that the English countryside is one of the most heavily man-made habitats in Europe.

Although originally from Africa, the hedgehog has become an integral part of the English countryside .

Roads leading out of the city are jammed by thousands of people trying to escape to the countryside for the long weekend.

Thousands of people move into big cities from the countryside in search of jobs.

The landscape paintings of Constable are quite beautiful depictions of the English countryside .

A lazy river crawls through the countryside near the village where I grew up.

They lead a very simple life in the countryside .

People living in the urban areas of the country generally seem to have more liberal views than those in the countryside .

People from the countryside are migrating to the large cities in search of work.

The army was going through the countryside , looking for little pockets of resistance.