counterpart in a sentence

Other versions Saturnyne has counterparts on many worlds.

In that she is opposed to her counterpart, the Architect.

A counterpart bill is still pending in the Philippine Senate.

Scanlation is younger than its anime counterpart, fansubbing.

These cards are similar to their counterparts in the base set.

Website reference Kyogen is the comic counterpart to No drama.

Like her Lola counterpart, it appears she has feelings for Ace.

Chicagoans use mass transit like their counterparts in New York.

Most WNBA teams play at the same venue as their NBA counterparts.

But his alternate counterpart is Sima Yi in the Silver Dimension.

Like her Marvel Universe counterpart, she has telekinetic powers.

Farms tend to cover larger areas than their European counterparts.

The shell had some important differences from its Unix counterparts.

Unlike his G1 counterpart, Scrapper does not lead the Constructicons.

The maps are scaled down versions of their single player counterparts.

The league has a female counterpart as well that carries the same name.

However these GPUs do not perform as well as their desktop counterpart.

Some airbases provide facilities similar to their civilian counterparts.

This counterpart of Jean seemed to have access to the Phoenix Force too.

Like his comic counterpart he has a romantic relationship with Starfire.

Preloaded digital formats are similar in price to their CD counterparts.

The latter was ideologically congruent with Sturge’s English counterpart.

The Navy’s counterpart to F-X was VFAX (Navy Fighter Attack Experimental).

The minor roles used British actors miming to their Broadway counterparts.

They are often portrayed as the love interests of their male counterparts.

Its female counterpart, eros (Greek, love), represents interconnectedness.

This flashback was actually footage of Barza, his counterpart in Zyuranger.

Hyojungo or kyotsugo is a conception that forms the counterpart of dialect.

He exercised more authority than his American counterpart (First Sergeant).

Fortunately, her story remains the same as her manga and anime counterparts.

She is like her comic counterpart and has a very similar introduction issue.

Their newer counterparts are the Valkyrie Type, also called the Peacemakers.

Their prices are usually much higher than their regular-release counterparts.