Counterfeit in a sentence

Use Counterfeit in a sentence

Counterfeit ;

Meaning: [adjective ] fake; false ;

After that, all counterfeit goods imported under his patronage were sold on the Seventh-Kilometer Market.

Alcohol, counterfeit cigarettes, and food, destined for armed groups of terrorists and illegal sale to local residents at inflated prices, were seized.

Alongside him was godson James Cumming, 32, who lived with him, and who acted as an online manager in the counterfeit ploy.

Another online marketplace that was under fire recently for counterfeit allegations was Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

ABB lost its case in Beijing, despite the fact that Flaming Lee, a key China United employee, was herself convicted in Dubai of selling counterfeit ABB products.

According to Senior Superintendent of Police, Clifford Chambers, “The drugs are believed to be a part of a large trade of counterfeit items.”

After 30 years of running jewelry stores and other businesses in the neighborhood, he is familiar with what counterfeit cards tend to look like – and with what transactions raise red flags.

Baird also said that over 100 counterfeit bills have been confiscated in the city this year and that bills in lower denominations are turning up.

Bank reveals amount of forged money found in circulation The European Central Bank says that continent-wide, that a total of 454.000 counterfeit banknotes that have been withdrawn in the fist half of 2015.