costly in a sentence

A life is much more costly than putting up more surveillance, she said.

We all know that over-provisioning hardware can be costly and wasteful.

Some taxpayers can opt for the easier and less costly Streamlined program.

The Eagles suffered another costly turnover to start the second half of play.

The 24-hour operation has been controversial in part because it is so costly.

264035 Heart surgeons have donated their services to perform costly operations.

960923 You may be busy during December, but making these mistakes can be costly.

One is jail, which is very costly, and the other is a hospital, also very costly.

Marangoni hinted that Scioli would reform costly nationwide electricity subsidies.

It’s costly, adds Grifo, “but so is egg donation, and so are fertility treatments.

Otherwise, Gélinas said, the costly procedures would only be offering “false hope.

For now, the major focus will be on the delayed and costly CSeries commercial jet.

Nowhere is cybersecurity more talked about, or costly, than in the banking industry.

It’s costly, it’s unpleasant and that’s more time that you’re not on the right dose.

Missteps can prove costly in legal expenses, bad publicity and damage to reputations.

773918 The ramifications for small businesses could be very costly,”” Truscott said.”

Break the Firefighters Union & END costly and Unsafe 24 Hour Firefighter Work Shifts!

33941 All this means there will be a costly cleanup before any construction can begin.

The spill is a costly and ill-timed error for Mother Nature’s premier federal defender.

It’s costly – this lifetime cost of debt calculator can show you just how costly it is.

Even with the help of tax credits, the monthly premiums are too costly for some people.

169878 Confusion is profitable for the few, but calamitously costly for the rest of us.

TWEET EMAIL Some large corporate accounts have become too costly for U.S. banks to keep.

Vast amounts of costly back-up power are required to kick in when the sun doesn’t shine.

Humphries said he’s happy the door was returned, as it would have been costly to replace.

Each is a reminder that freedom of the press is not free but it is, in fact, very costly.”

Nixon also said there shouldn’t have been so many races last year, which are costly to run.

Done in a piecemeal way, it’s very likely that this will be more costly and less effective.

Initially deemed too costly to show, the sculpture was kept in a secret high-security vault.

From a European point of view, this wasn’t simply a costly “much ado about nothing” meeting.

Here are other common and potentially costly errors people make, and how you can avoid them.

Nope, after a costly forehand miss from Goffin at 0-15 with Edmund stranded in the 10th game.

That means a storm today could be far more costly, even if the immediate human toll was lower.

317579 I came to Washington to fight for a smaller, less costly and more accountable government.”

Hamas’s possible return to the Iran camp is likely to be cautious, calculated and possibly costly.

Flacco overcame a pair of costly interceptions, orchestrating three fourth-quarter scoring drives.

It’s no secret that staging the Olympics is costly, but experts say it’s more than just the money.

The flooding caused as much as $6 billion in damage – the most costly disaster in Canadian history.

And more costly eggs have in turn begun causing price increases everywhere from diners to bakeries.

But too often, these costly pursuits of justice end in frustration, disappointment, and more grief.