contemporaries in a sentence

Occasionally using different calendars has caused confusion between contemporaries .

Many contemporaries hailed this development with delight.

Both were thought odd by their contemporaries .

This turn of events was noted by contemporaries .

The system had contemporaries in many other states.

His contemporaries thought that he had pushed principal too far.

Swift has also received songwriting praise from contemporaries .

No wonder many contemporaries viewed the proceedings as purely arbitrary.

She has also received praise from contemporaries .

He was nonetheless widely respected by his contemporaries .

His reputation for learning among his contemporaries was considerable.

The figure is little used by his contemporaries .

Paul’s contemporaries took slavery for granted.

Gottfried’s rhetorical style is very distinct among his contemporaries .

Richard’s guilt was widely accepted by contemporaries .

Acton’s views were challenged by many contemporaries .

Why was I born with such contemporaries ?

Our contemporaries do possess this man’s burial cloth.

It was a quality often recalled by Oxford contemporaries .

There is almost nothing about the artist’s contemporaries .

Most contemporaries realized that the two aspects were intimately connected.

His contemporaries were divided and ambivalent about his true legacy.

He was generally well loved by his contemporaries .

The most used name by contemporaries was “Bulgaria”.

As a fielder, contemporaries rated him extremely highly.