constructive in a sentence

That’s a constructive suggestion!
She has constructive ideas.

A football coach once observed that something constructive comes from every defeat.

All you ever do is nitpick.

I wish you could say something more constructive.

I don’t mind criticism of my work as long as the feedback is constructive rather than just negative.

Conversations underway with government are increasingly constructive.

If we are constructive on the issue, Latinos are going to respond favorably.

‘I do think these conversations have been constructive,’ claims the director.

The meeting took place in a professional, respectful and constructive climate.

“But we should exhaust every effort to have a serious, constructive relationship.

To me, it’s not a very constructive image when you are trying to improve the town.”

And they give people the power to come to terms with them in a constructive manner.

The Russian leader described the talks as “very constructive, business-like and frank.”

A German government spokesman would only say that the discussions had been constructive.

But he also called on Tehran to play a constructive role in conflicts around the region.

It has been a laborious but eventually constructive process, Lagarde said after the meeting.

It is to be hoped that these constructive uses will come to dominate their use in the future.

He added that means there is less genuine and constructive feedback coming back to professors.

She noted that it was “wonderful to see Libyans having constructive, passionate conversations.”

Tom Keatinge Is an unwavering resistance towards ransom payments a constructive position to take?