Consternation in a sentence

use Consternation in a sentence


[noun] Fear resulting from the awareness of danger;fear making someone feel confused;

Then the elephants attacked the safari cars, spreading consternation all around.

To my considerable consternation, Glenn had been cast as a homeless abuser of alcohol.

By some means he lost his balance and, to the consternation of the bystanders, fell into the water beneath.

She was looking at the small hole in consternation.

The river was wide and deep at that point and the carcass floated on down, to the consternation of the followers.

This caused some consternation, as they only have until the end of the season to find a new home.

Nicola has he hair cut very short indeed to Rowan’s consternation.

The soldiers, on their part, were thrown into consternation by this undesigned massacre.

Some considerable consternation was caused during the evening when two shadowy figures arrived at the table.