Constantine in a sentence

In the temple rests the head of Orpheus and the tomb of Lady Constantine.

Constantine refused to go to war under such conditions and the men parted.

His mother Minervina was either a concubine or a first wife to Constantine.

The Emperor Constantine I was exposed to Christianity by his mother, Helena.

In 332 he sent his son Constantine II to attack the Thervingi, who were routed.

Constantine granted Maximian some clemency but strongly encouraged his suicide.

In exile Constantine remained in exile after the vote in favour of the republic.

The position under Diocletian and even Constantine would have been very different.

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4th century ;315 337: Roman Emperor Constantine I enacts new restrictive legislature.

Later in Rome, the victorious Constantine definitively disbanded the Praetorian Guard.

In 1903 hewas the first to introduce Constantine P. Cavafy to the Athenian readership.

Nonetheless, the accession of Constantine was a turning point for the Christian Church.

Constantinople became highly important after Constantine moved his capital there in 330 AD.

The Constantine Basilica in Trier is constructed from Roman bricks 15″ square by 1½” thick.

He used to perform electro-shock therapy on Constantine, back when he was institutionalized.

Lebrun Constantine and Percy Goodman had added 103 for the fifth wicket in just over an hour.

King Constantine brings out his princess and the other ladies of the city to meet King Rother.

Palahniuk has said that the people who made the film Constantine will be working on this film.

He later removes the source of Constantine‘s lung cancer that would have killed him otherwise.

This time Morgan le Fay has unleashed all her power to destroy Constantine and the Round Table.

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The poem begins with Constantine, emperor of Rome, riding out to battle the Huns and Hrethgoths.