conservatory in a sentence

A botanical conservatory devoted to alpine plants.

The highly regarded music program offers conservatory study at all levels.

A full log basket is stored in the conservatory .

The conservatory approach to training is learning by doing.

Something heavy and barefoot was padding around the conservatory .

The conservatory and ballroom accommodate 450 for dinner.

Visitors can guide themselves around the conservatory .

In 1900 the new conservatory was opened.

This is especially so for conservatory trained players.

Cause of damp was a defective conservatory .

In terms you wanna word hay loft, conservatory .

Today the conservatory contains approximately 1,700 plant species.

The conservatory was opened on 7 December 1996.

About 75 music conservatories provide advanced training for future professional musicians.

Where are the conservatory classes and workshops on writing grant applications?

conservatory doesn’t necessarily have to face south.

Anne was getting out of the conservatory .

Part two and single storey side extension and rear conservatory .

As usual we had breakfast in the conservatory .

And he was offering her a derelict conservatory .

Michael undergoes a triple admission examination to the conservatory .

The upper dome of the conservatory weighs 14.5 tonnes.

The facility includes a conservatory and 2 acre of outside grounds.

The city also has a conservatory and concert hall.

In summer, meals are eaten in the conservatory .