connectivity in a sentence

This allows IB 4X connectivity to each blade.

Railways also play a major role in connectivity.

Scion offers standard iPod connectivity on all their cars.

Department of Defense networks via satellite connectivity.

It features a GPRS Class 10 connectivity at up to 48 kbit/s.

The VPN also provides both IPv4 and IPv6 multicast connectivity.

The Atari Lynx supported connectivity for up to 17 units at once.

This city is progressed because of connectivity by road and Railway track.

While connectivity may not be a key area to experts, it is another problem.

connectivity Getting the phone connected is accomplished by several channels.

This will provide fast connectivity to Kochi, Kottayam and Alappuzha districts.

This board is relatively cheap and features USB connectivity and a built in I2C library.

Trifonov, V. 2005. An O(log n log log n) space algorithm for undirected st-connectivity.

Schedules have been erratic, as the air connectivity is primarily provided by feeder airlines.

This includes not only E-LINE and E-LAN constructs, by also E-TREE (hub-and-spoke) connectivity.

In addition to built-up office space, it also provides all utilities as well as the connectivity.

A strong emphasis is placed on database connectivity and Delphi offers a rich database component set.

The EDGE connectivity on the iPhone, however, is not supported, as it is too slow for streaming video.

Session establishment first requires establishing connectivity between Alice and Bob across the Skype cloud.

Palo Alto has an ongoing community debate about the city providing fiber optic connectivity to all residences.

Single-user modems SpeedTouch Home A modem which provides bridged and PPTP connections for Internet connectivity.