Congested in a sentence

use Congested in a sentence


1. [adjective] very crowded (especially traffic);

The expressway was congested with thousands of cars.

Please note that traffic in Brighton can be congested and it is often quicker to take the train to and from Falmer.

The airport planners argued that the airport was congested and that there was a rising demand for its services.

Many refugees, either resident in congested, dirty camps or new arrivals to Macedonia will continue to face a bleaker future than is necessary or acceptable.

Cambridge is notoriously congested with traffic, and parking can be very difficult.

The outside of the sidewalk was less congested and allowed him to move at his preferred rate.

The street was so congested that they made little progress and beggars took advantage.

Port-au-Prince is a very congested city with a high population and a very relatively poor infrastructure.

2. [adjective] Filled with liquid;

When you have allergies, you are all congested in your nose and it causes the veins to dilate.

Each time she exhaled her congested nose made the sound of a Canada goose.