confiscated for in a sentence

It was confiscated for inciting racial hatred.

Their premises were confiscated for military purposes.

Many private and public buildings were confiscated for federal use, including nearby plantations.

Ration cards are confiscated for non-attendance at Sandinista rallies.

Liberty’s life takes a drastic turn when her home is confiscated for a Confederate hospital.

It’s decided that these Hunters will have their licenses confiscated for breaking the rules.

With the start of World War I CIWL’s coaches were confiscated for military use.

It is frightening if you are in favor of property arbitrarily being confiscated for the greater good .

In World War II, the streetcar tracks and wrought-iron fences were confiscated for the war effort.

A second bell was confiscated for armament production in 1917 and its replacement suffered the same fate in 1944.

Suspects have no right to legal representation and may have their property confiscated for up to seven days .

Any England batsman who doesn’t make a first-innings hundred should have their smartphone confiscated for a week.

Had they captured the ship, the Crow would have been confiscated for use by the invading forces.

However, their property was confiscated for their part in the Second Desmond Rebellion of 1579-83.

Settlements in Jerusalem comprise about 23.7% of total land areas forcefully confiscated for settlements in the West bank.

The court also ordered that all of Mohsen’s books and publications be confiscated for containing “extremist” ideas.