concurrently in a sentence

The performances are concurrently contingent upon each other.

Three major initiatives are being scaled up concurrently .

The three highways join and run concurrently through downtown.

These disorders may manifest concurrently or separately.

The contempt of court sentence was served concurrently .

The jail terms are to run concurrently .

Executive powers may be concurrently vested in different executive magistrates.

Legislative power may be concurrently vested in different legislative bodies.

Specific points surround concurrently less on benefits and efforts.

Jewish law concurrently developed its own system of printing privileges.

Such services may be provided sequentially or concurrently .

All the modes operated concurrently and were scheduled uniformly.

Transportation planners execute these steps concurrently and continuously.

Quality measures for the same conditions are reported concurrently .

All the sentences were to run concurrently .

The three routes travel concurrently to the east.

A documentary about the production was shot concurrently .

A cabinet secretary may serve concurrently as an agency director.

Contract drafting can generally proceed concurrently with due diligence.

Jet allows multiple users to access the database concurrently .

State councillors served in several other positions concurrently .