Concentration in a sentence

Definition of Concentration

focusing  attention on something;

large amount of something or people in a particular place

Use Concentration in a sentence

It requires a lot of concentration to study in a house full of children and noise.

My son easily loses his concentration while studying Math.

The captain told me he wanted my full concentration on this matter.

Police officers must give their work their full concentration.

When you are a goalie in hockey, it is important to maintain your concentration at all times.

In 1993, scientists located the largest known concentration of active volcanoes, which are on the sea floor in the South Pacific.

Sometimes, language learners panic, and lose concentration when faced with unfamiliar vocabulary.

The concentration of power in the hands of a few means a big problem for the people.

The prisoners in the concentration camp had to use dirty old rags to bandage their injuries.

The film “Schindler’s List” ended with a sequence showing actual survivors of the Nazi concentration camps.