computer system in a sentence

We need to update the computer systems in our offices.

Find someone who can assemble a computer system.

It is absolutely vital that our computer systems be upgraded.

The boss has accepted my proposal to upgrade our computer systems.

Your task will be to train the employees on the new computer system.

They developed a special computer system and fixed it to his wheelchair.

We had a lot of problems at work yesterday when our computer system crashed.

He has been assigned to study their computer systems to see what needs to be upgraded.

We need to update our computer system because otherwise these new programs won’t work.

People can easily hack into your computer system, and make all kinds of trouble if they want to.

Our computer system is drowning in data, but we don’t know how to really use that information yet.

Coast computer systems has recently joined the ranks of high-tech companies relocating to our city.

In September of 1987, computer hackers in Germany announced they had tapped into NASA’s computer system.

He saw an ad in the newspaper by a company that said it had the lowest prices for computer systems in the city.

Bill Gates once said that the inevitable consequence of better computer systems is a smarter use of people’s time.

Someone once remarked that no matter how fast your computer system runs, you will eventually come to think of it as slow.

He said “a few Samsung-manufactured computer systems” were affected.

Beginning in January, the computer system will be known as UAConnect.

But the leap second could put more than just computer systems at risk.

In May, Bundestag officials acknowledged that their computer system had been hacked.

Supplying computer systems with these maps makes a variety of new applications possible.

A break came when they looked at diagnostic data stored in the cars’ own computer system.

The text claims that the “Cyber Army of the Khilafah broke into the computer systems of SOHR..

Then, the computer system came up with an additional two providers linked to that investigation.

Oric The Oric-1 and Oric Atmos were produced by Cambridgeshire-based Tangerine computer systems.