Comprise in a sentence

use Comprise in a sentence


1. [verb] to Be composed of; to include;

My house is comprised of these four rooms.

The auto show is comprised of a mixture of classic luxury cars, modern sports cars, and models of futuristic vehicles.

The concert crowd was comprised of a surprising variety of people, from punk rockers, to businessmen, and retired couples.

Human bones are comprised of 22% water.

The coalition is comprised of members of the right-wing Likud party, and some religious groups.

3.[verb] to form or compose,

British Columbia’s giant underwater seaweed forests comprise ecosystems which are more diverse than rainforests.

These few soldiers comprise the entire army.

The average man’s muscles comprise about 40 percent of body weight, whereas the average woman’s muscles make up about 30 percent of body weight.

The Sahara Desert comprises a total area equal to that of all of Europe.

Scientists estimate that hydrogen comprises around 90 to 99 percent of all matter in the universe.