comprehension in a sentence

How context makes metaphor comprehension seem special.

Such conduct was completely beyond my comprehension .

The results are important for discourse comprehension .

Prior knowledge is critical for discourse comprehension .

Real and imagined body movement primes metaphor comprehension .

How prior knowledge affects word identification and comprehension .

The oral and listening comprehension examination are usually taken together.

There is poor comprehension for connected speech.

Reading comprehension and vocabulary are inextricably linked.

With comprehension questions and letter writing exercises.

The organizational details of living organisms are complex beyond comprehension .

Reading comprehension is often linked to understanding.

It is unclear when reading comprehension begins.

I question your reading comprehension skills man.

So clearly, comprehension vocabulary develops before production vocabulary.

The power is beyond imagination…beyond comprehension .

Hearing aids focus on those frequency bands crucial for speech comprehension .

Guided comprehension moves your students beyond decoding to become independent readers.

And apparently some pundits have poor reading comprehension .

There is a natural relationship between word identification and comprehension .