Completely | in a sentence

I’m completely cast down!
I completely forget it.

He was completely worn out.

He was completely fagged out.

I completely walked ten miles.

I am completely out of breath.

I completely forgot the number.

He has done the work completely.

She completely cleaned her plate.

Snow completely covered the town.

Her fear proved completely wrong.

Dammit, she completely ignored me.

He is completely at home in physics.

I hope you will be completely cured.

We are trying a completely new method.

The riot was completely out of control.

He was completely absorbed in the book.

He was completely absorbed in his book.

I haven’t completely given up the idea.

I have completely got over the disease.

I was completely deceived by her story.

To tell the truth, I completely forgot.

He was completely absorbed in his work.

I found no shoes completely to my taste.

He was completely engrossed in the book.