complainant in a sentence

The complainant in the case alleges that the accused entered her apartment, and tried to steal her computer.

The complainant in the case accused the defendant of cheating her out of her life savings in a phoney investment scheme.

complainant had placed the children in her vehicle to keep them safe.

However, the complainant has only received a total sum of J$1,880,000.

The complainant stated she heard a male and female voice in her attic.

RM Pusey told Allen that the complainant‘s account was more consistent.

707950 The deputy requested extra patrol on the complainant’s residence.

The complainant somehow made her way to the police and a report was made.

The complainant is yet to receive the vehicle or the return of her money.

It’s up to police to lay charges even if there is no specific complainant.

A complainant stated this has been an ongoing dispute with a family member.

I have also always emphasised my concern for the complainants in this case.

He also claimed that he tried contacting the complainant but was unsuccessful.

91582 At the time of the report, the complainant did not have a serial number.

It is said, however, that Brown sold the goods and did not repay the complainant.

A complainant stated he had asked a subject to fix the water pump on his vehicle.

In these situations, the complainant is almost always (though not always) a woman.

A complainant stated she and a subject had a dispute, which led to an altercation.

The court heard that the complainant, who is a policeman, saw Duffus with a knife.

The complainant stated a clothes dryer was stolen from a vacant family member’s home.

Sometime later, Riley punched the complainant in the face, causing swelling and pain.

The complainant stated a subject had gone on the rented property of his deceased father.

747046 The men are alleged to have held onto the complainant and robbed him of his money.

It’s unclear exactly how much the complainants are seeking in losses and punitive damages.

Aug. 29, a complainant came to the sheriff’s office to report financial transaction card fraud.

432381 I was talking to him when I saw this man (the complainant) walking towards us with a bucket.

The complainant also told the court that she received seven stitches for the wound to her right eye.

A complainant stated missing from his residence is his 44 Magnum chrome handgun valued at $1,000.00.

The complainant stated he found the front door to his shop broken and entry was gained to the inside.

The complainant stated a subject that was visiting her residence and stated he wanted to kill himself.