comparatively in a sentence

The prices of Japanese automobiles are still comparatively high.

There’s a comparatively large cinema complex inside the mall.

Australia is a huge country, but it has a comparatively small population.

If you look at gas prices in Europe, the amount we pay in North America seems comparatively cheap.

In terms of population, Canada actually won comparatively more medals at the Sydney Olympics than both the U.S. and China.

Because of that it’s comparatively expensive, and it’s difficult to recycle.

Baseball managers (who also coach) get the short end of the stick, comparatively.

The palace is one of comparatively few sites in Sanaa still under government control.

667086 That number sounds comparatively small, but that’s still more than 40 million Americans.

But foreign policy got comparatively little – and what the candidates did discuss was largely anodyne.

The difficulty once overcome, the way thence to Valentia becomes comparatively of no account .

Afrikaans speakers are able to learn Dutch within a comparatively short time.

Agricultural production is comparatively very modest in added value.