commuter traffic in a sentence

At last he emerged into a broad boulevard roaring with commuter traffic.

The “North Atlantic Express” began operation on 1 June 1934 and was intended to exploit the market in prestigious long-distance commuter traffic.

The freeway was designed to solve a longstanding traffic issue in Eugene, the inadequacy of West 11th Avenue (a neighborhood arterial) to handle long-haul and commuter traffic.

With intensive peak commuter traffic the efficient Circumvesuviana is Italy’s busiest narrow-gauge railway and deploys 118 three-car articulated electric units, as well as 206 buses.

He points to the 18-wheelers that drive in and out of the truck stop around the clock, massive lumber trucks that swing onto Oldham Road and the steady stream of commuter traffic in the busy bedroom community outside of Halifax.

He still had his equipment out and now began waving it at the passing commuter traffic.

It was a good run into the city, against the outgoing commuter traffic.

I could faintly hear the distant rumble of commuter traffic from my bedroom — a reminder of what I had temporarily escaped.